Frost, Channel 4's parenting champion, returns for a second series ready to deal with badly behaved kids and assist their desperate parents. Six-year-old Jack has his mum bruised, battered and defeated by the battle he wages at bedtime, and he's not afraid to take a swing a Jo. Can she persuade mum Nikkie to march into the fray and take on her violent son? For superhero fan George, ten costume changes a day is a way of life - now he can't concentrate at school and is falling behind. If Jo is to bring this five-year-old back into the real world she needs to unlock the root of his obsession. This series Jo shares her no-nonsense advice with more parents than ever before through her first ever roadshow. She's ready to tackle all the most persistent parenting problems - this time she deals with sore losers, fears and phobias, and how to handle attention-seeking behaviour.