More Darwinian fodder, yay. Jimmy Doherty, scientist, farmer and (hot) presenter of Jimmy's Farm, recreates some of Darwin's groundbreaking experiments to reveal the untold story of the ingenious experimentalist. Filmed largely in Darwin's gardens at Down House in Kent, Jimmy uses his hero's notebooks to carry out the "hands-on" experiments that Darwin undertook following his expedition on The Beagle. Doherty digs up a piece of turf in an attempt to demonstrate seedlings' struggle for existence, and discovers that soaking seeds in salt water for a month does not guarantee the sweet smell of success. Seemingly this isn't enough Darwinism for one night; Darwin's Dangerous Ideas can be seen at 9.00pm. Andrew Marr traces the development of evolutionary theory from its beginnings to the present day, showing how it has influenced virtually every area of modern life.