Tubridy's gra for history and politics is well-documented and one of the characters that has long fascinated him is President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Having spent the past 18 months researching President Kennedy's historic visit to Ireland in 1963, Ryan now takes us on a remarkable journey behind the scenes at this era-defining visit. What is less well known is that John F. Kennedy was in Ireland on three other occasions, revealing a much deeper relationship between Kennedy and Ireland. This documentary delves behind the well-known story of the 1963 visit to examine his relationship with us - and ours, as a nation, with him. Was the 1963 visit actually important? Why did Kennedy have such a profound effect on us? Did Ireland really affect Kennedy or was it for show? Was it all just sentimental or was he closing a significant circle of history? The programme features contributions from Ted Sorensen, one of the Kennedys' most trusted advisers, Jean Kennedy Smith, the last surviving sibling of the assassinated president, and author Colm Toibin.