Christmas is the time families come together to eat, drink and get merry: but it can be a daunting challenge in the kitchen. So, in a special new five-part series (with two episodes per night, no less), Jamie Oliver is sharing his own secrets for a stress-free family Christmas. And you don't necessarily need a production team waiting in the wings. As well as his fool-proof recipes, it's about getting as much done beforehand, and getting everyone to muck in, so no one's stuck slaving over a hot stove, while everyone else is enjoying themselves. Filmed at his Essex home, and featuring Jamie's own family and friends, it's the 'must-see solution' to all your Christmas food worries. Jamie shows how to make the best, most succulent turkey with delicious gravy and stuffing, as well as an exciting new way to use up all that leftover turkey on Stephen's Day. He reveals his tried and tested, fail-safe way to make the perfect roast spuds every time, plus simple spiced-up Christmas veg. And don't throw away your leftover veg until you've seen what Jamie and Gennaro (?!) have planned. The next part follows straight after (his toddler help him make pancakes). This is then followed by Gordon Ramsay's F Word at 9.00pm - which is in turn followed by... Hunger. 10.05pm.