The telly box is well into the pork tonight; Ear to the Ground are reportedly due to look at the dioxin scare at 7.00pm on RTE1, while on Channel 4 at 9pm Jamie will be spittling excitedly for 90 minutes about how exactly pigs live to put pork, ham and bacon on our plates. Can Jamie Oliver do for pigs and pork what he helped to do for chickens and eggs? Following the hugely positive effect of Jamie's Fowl Dinners last year, the chef is turning his attention to the pig industry as part of Channel 4's Great British Food Fight season. With the help of people in the industry, from producers to retailers, Jamie follows the whole process from birth to slaughter (consider yourselves warned) and on to the supermarket shelves. He looks at how pigs are bred to suit the desire for lean meat and to maximize the choice cuts. And he investigates how UK farmers' expensive higher welfare standards have left them open to competition from some mass producers from the EU, which minimise costs, but may have questionable levels of animal welfare compared to British standards.