If you can tear yourself away from a special festive edition of All Star Family Fortunes (the Websters off Corrie take on the Kings from Emmerdale), might we suggest rejoining Mr. May for some old school fun. After a looooooong break between this show and the Scalextric track challenge, James embarks on his most ambitious challenge of the series - to build a full-size house from Lego, enlisting hundreds of people to help the construction using more than three million toy bricks. However, such an ambitious undertaking is not without its problems and James runs into problems with planning regulations, an interior designer who cannot get her Lego furniture to stay in one piece and a structural engineer who tries desperately to stop everything crashing down. The latest instalment of Top Gear follows at 8.00pm, with some festive cheer in the form of Oz (Clarke) and Hugh (Milky Milky Dennis) Drink to Christmas at 9.00pm.