Hands up who absconded stateside for a summer in their youth? Now, hands up who'd would've like their expedition taped for the Irish nation to gawp at? Thought so. Here's a six part fly-on-the-wall series which follows three groups of 18-23 year old students as they head to America for the ultimate J1 experience. We witness the tantrums, triumphs and tribulations of our wanderlust students as they leave the comforts of home behind to fend for themselves in the US. From personal hygiene to personal high jinks nothing will be sacred. In this first episode, we meet four lads - Tim, Daithi, Luke and Proinny - who are heading to San Diego for a working holiday. Although they are happy with their San Diego gaff (it has a pool room) they quickly start fighting when they realise they are living out in the 'burbs. In Hawaii our Dundalk group are a different kettle of fish. They find a wonderful location with views of Waikiki beach, but they didn't read the small print and find it's an alcohol free building.