For those who've not been following this chat show; each episode features a different guest trying things they have never done before, and seeing whether they liked their experiences or not. Some of the experiences come from the show's special list, which contains a range of different outlets, such as certain books, films, foodstuffs etc. The guest and presenter Marcus Brigstocke (who looks like a cross between Mark Dolan and Jack Whitehall) try out the experience and the guest gives their view on it, as well as marks out of ten. In other words, it's kind of akin to a reverse Room 101. This penultimate episode in the series sees actor Nigel Havers try five new things that he's previously avoided - namely getting tattooed, eating a Big Mac, listening to The Smiths, and watching The Simpsons. How Havers has managed to avoid The Simpsons is truly confounding.