Oh the excitement; first we've got cast of Glee rocking Oprah's couch (Oprah Meets the Cast of Glee, 8.00pm), then we have this lot conversing about nooky on the telly box. This here new series sets out to shock the usual sorts nationwide as it explores issues of sex and sexuality for teenagers. The programme features a look at the life of a girl who became pregnant at the age of 14 and struggled to balance her school work with being a young mother, and an 18-year-old who informed his parents he was a homosexual two years previously shares his experiences from before and after coming out. A panel of teenagers also debates the act of sending sex-themed text messages, the rise in sexually-transmitted infections among other people in their age group, and flaws with school sex education. I'll tell you the flaw with mine; said 'education' took place in sixth year and consisted of the lone male teacher in the convent asking us who was 'still a virgin.' Let's hope things have moved on slightly.