Ireland's Richest Celebrities makes a return with a look at whether the great and glam were affected by the recession like the rest of us. Using statistics compiled by the Sunday Independent, the programme counts down the twenty richest celebs from 20 to 1 over an hour and will reveal whether their fortune has gone up or down since last year's show. With the global economy in meltdown over the past months, stars such as Michael Flatley and U2 have even had to tighten their wallets. Richest Celebrities 2009 will reveal which celeb lost the most and who has dropped out of the top 20. As well as telling you how much each celeb is worth, the documentary will also discuss how each made their millions, what they are like as people and most importantly, a lot of speculation about what the celebs spend their fortune on. If you're into that sort of thing *whistles*. More list shows abound when TV3 count down Great Irish Comed TV Moments at 10.25pm.