Earlier in the year, a nationwide survey produced an eclectic and hotly-debated Top 40 of the Greatest Irish people of all time. Now the search for Ireland's Greatest has been narrowed down to the final five: Michael Collins, James Connolly, John Hume, Mary Robinson, and - you guessed it - Bono. The search for Ireland's Greatest will feature five impassioned documentaries, Late Late Show debate and an all-important public vote (KERCHING). The documentaries and debate will be driven by five well known personalities who will champion the individual merits of each of the final five: Joe Duffy will champion Connolly, Michael McDowell will campaign for Collins, Miriam O'Callaghan will advocate Hume, David McWilliams will lend his support to Robinson, and who else but Dave Fanning will back Bono. The winner will be announced on The Late Late Show in October. First up for championing is nominee number one - Michael Collins. Keeping with debate, one of Ireland's greatest paid employees, Pat Kenny, returns with The Frontline at 10.35pm.