This is a fascinating overview of the past year as seen from the perspective of what we as a nation searched for online throughout 2009. Ireland's Biggest 'Hits' 2009 is not, however, a news review of the year. Much of what made the news headlines and the front pages during 2009 features, but the programme is more interested in how and why our particular news stories impacted on the web - what we were searching for; why we were searching for it; if we believed what we found, etc - rather than the full details of the news items themselves. Featuring an entertaining and interesting mix of celebrity and politics, sport and business, health and the weather, with the help of some of the country's leading news and internet experts, it explores how what was going on in the real world at various times of the year - both here and throughout the world - piqued our online curiosity. The results highlight the most popular, topical, interesting, unusual, unexpected and plain bizarre top internet searches we as a nation conducted over the past 12 months.