Documenting the daily routine of the clinics, TV3 go behind the scenes with some of Ireland's busiest vets on call and follow the challenges of their everyday lives. From initial consultation through to surgery and recovery, we meet a variety of animals, and owners, including a 10 foot python, an exotic bearded dragon, playful ferrets, as well as the more common but equally loveable domestic dogs and cats. Each week we will also be out on the road with the Ispca Animal Rescue service, as they rehabilitate and re-home cruelly treated and neglected animals. Presented by Michael Hayes and Andrea Hayes. Andrea being the blonde bird who does the all-important continuity links with the other fellah during TV3's afternoon viewing. Michael is the dude you'd be hard pressed to pick out of a line up from RTE's How Low Can You Go. Watch out, Richard and Judy! For more creatures getting cut open, stay tuned (and have an eye shielding devise/cushion at the ready) for The Cosmetic Surgery Show, which follows at 9.00pm.