This series has been continually impressing us, as the two-handed set up, which is essentially Gabriel Byrne and whatever patient he is seen on any given weeknight, is incredibly amercing. Byrne has never looked like he was having so much fun in a role, and the nightly format suits the style of the show perfectly. Throw in some fantastic supporting players (Melissa George, Diane Keaton, Michelle Forbes) and this is pretty much a masterclass in acting for serialised television. Most impressive thus far has been Mia Wasikowska, as the gymnast having an affair with her coach - her story is heartbreaking, and impossible to turn away from, much like the series itself. Tonight is Paul's visit to his own therapist, as he tries to deal with the news that his wife has had an affair. Recap is on Sunday from 8.00pm, which has become mandatory viewing in our house.