After much quibbling, overly enthused retching, wretched song writing, boobery, and not nearly enough sun bathing, the fourteen warring celebrities have been whittled down to the final three. And is it any wonder DVD got turfed out at the final hurdle after his Biff Baff Boff video shoot yesterday... That was  unnecessary. Up until that point, however, he was a treat to watch. People love a turd stirrer - up until a point. So, who's it to be? We reckon it'll be between Martina and Joe with George first to go... I'd like to say it's all very exciting but that'd be a lie. There's always the communal Bushtucker Trial to look forward to (usually involving some over the top It's a Knockout! inspired shenanigans), before the public vote decides who will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.