We're sure many a thing of a great importance happened in 1988, but what could be any better than the debut of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? These turtle superheroes defined childhood cartoons for many a generation and the franchise even now has another movie on its way. Tonight, the Turtles themselves (or some version of them) take a look back at the year they took the world by storm to see what else was going on. This was of course the year that Bill and Ted set off on an Excellent Adventure and Debbie Gibson went head to head with Tiffany for pop supremacy. This Morning began dominating daytime television, Bros and Neighbours star Kylie Minogue hit the charts, and the emergence of acid house changed the clubbing scene. So essentially, it's just going to be like Reeling in the Years, except with the Turtles! Sure how could you miss that?