Hugh Bonneville and Janet McTeer return as Detective Superintendent Barclay and Detective Sergeant Amy Foster, as they reprise their Five Days roles in this new, two-part thriller, written by Mick Ford. When extremists kidnap two seven-year-old boys from very different backgrounds, and promise to release them only if their radical demands are met, the case falls into the hands of the intuitive and pragmatic Detective Superintendent Iain Barclay. Faced with a relatively inexperienced and increasingly unreliable team, Barclay calls his friend and faithful deputy, Detective Sergeant Amy Foster, out of 'early retirement', and away from the bottle, to support him in solving what turns out to be a highly sensitive crime. With her assertive and pragmatic attitude, Foster isn't afraid to ruffle a few feathers to get the job done. She begins to whip the team into shape to start piecing together the details of the abductions.