It's the whodunnit story that has gripped soapland these last few months, as EastEnders fans use all their sleuth abilities to try work out just who could have murdered Lucy Beale. The list of suspects has pretty much been endless, with everyone from Billy Mitchell to Peter Beale considered (it had better not be Peter or we are DONE). In the soap itself, suspects have included Jake, Ian, and even Ben Mitchell, who is returning to the soap shortly but we know he's lurking around out there somewhere.

However, finally, the show's executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collin has given us something to go on, as it's emerged there will be a plot twist in the case on New Years Day. He told Inside Soap; "What I can tell you about Lucy Beale's killer is that on New Year's Day, viewers are going to be very clear on who did not do it. The list of suspects will become much, much smaller!"

It seems a lot of thought went into picking the 'right murderer' too, so to speak; "When we first talked about the story, there was one killer - but something didn't fit right about that person. It was a clever idea but it didn't come from the heart," he said. "So Sharon Batten [series producer], Alex Lamb [story producer] and Manpreet Dosanjh [script producer] and I locked ourselves away in a hotel room to come up with an alternative killer."

"It feels emotionally right, true and very exciting. From that moment it's been locked in and we would not cheat the audience by changing it now."

'Emotionally right'... hmmm. Damnit we still don't know!

Dominic did say that some fans of the show have been on the right track; "The hardest thing for me is when people have thrown their theories at me and they've got it right, he said. "It's so difficult to keep your cool and pretend not to care."

For a sheer lack of any clue as to who it could be, we're going to stick with our original suspicions... Abi Branning.

Yeah, we know we're clutching at straws. Who do you think it is? Where's the Scooby gang when you need them....