Assuming you're not watching Werder Bremen v Sampdoria (7.45pm, RTE2), perhaps you prefer a little bit of Gok in your living room. At 5ft 10, Ruth has had a life-long struggle to accept her model-esque stature. While most women would love to be taller, Ruth has grown up being told she's 'big' and hates her height. She thinks she looks like a man with no waist or boobs. In fact the only time she has felt womanly in her life was when she was pregnant with each of her four children. Ruth got married and had her first child at 19. She's now 44 and already a grandma. Having devoted her entire adult life to her family, with her kids growing up and leaving home, Ruth's facing huge changes. Cue the tears. Also in this episode, ploughing on with their campaign to get body confidence taught on the national curriculum, Gok and Shona visit a school in Guilford to hear 350 students' opinions on how body image affects them