This week Heston challenges the way we cook eggs - the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen. First up he reveals that the secret to a great boiled egg is simple - don't boil it! Instead, bring it to the boil, take it off the heat and let it stand for six minutes in hot water. So there. After showcasing his special techniques for the perfect poached egg and challenging how his local Holyport Women's Institute scramble, Heston then runs through how to make his signature scotch egg - crunchy on the outside with a runny yolk in the middle. And finally, with a bit of Heston magic, the Women's Institute are invited to sample his famous bacon and egg ice cream made with dry ice. Taaah daaaah. Always with the bleedin' dry ice, 'cause we've all got that knocking around the gaf. The Fabulous Baker Brothers follow at 8.30pm.