From TV3's Exclusive The Oprah Show: Behind the Scenes (9.00pm) to behind the scenes of Donna off Pulling's life (did you see what we did there. Kind of?) Anyway, being a mother nowadays is tough. Everyone's got an opinion, whether it's about stay-at-home vs out-to-work, or bottle vs breast. Does anyone really know what they are doing? Award-winning writer and actress Sharon Horgan is also a mother of two girls. Like most mums, she wonders if she is bringing up her kids in the best way. In this film, Sharon meets six mothers who are convinced they are getting it right, even if their methods are unusual or off-the-scale strange. Like the mother who doesn't believe in nappies, or the ex-stuntwoman who thinks we've all brainwashed our kids into being scaredy cats, and a mum who is 'in love with placentas'.