Well, what a nice surprise this was last Monday. Baz was back where he belongs (taking the mick out of himself); Mark was his winning blend of sleezy meets cutie, while whatshisface was adequate filler. The show has changed from a budget travel show to something of a soap opera. The threesome have moved in together and are trying to get by without having to exchange sexual favours with their landlady. With the travel show having been axed, there is no money in the How Low pot! Mark is the only one still with a job at RTE, so Baz and Michael (AKA whatshisface) decide to go see their agent and demand work. On barging into his office to find him with popular radio host Joe Duffy, the boys feel neglected and embarrass the agent and themselves in the process. All is not lost though; Baz is offered a place on a Chekhov acting course and Michael a spot on a farming programme – which leaves him in a compromising position with a constipated cow. A whole ten minutes of LANGERLAND.TV follows at 11.00pm. This week they'll be mostly talking about The GAA.