What's the point of looking 10 years younger? What we really want is to live 10 years longer. Cut out the stodge, kick the cigs, fly your kite, saddle up, join a gym, go surfing, dance the light fantastic. By changing the habits of a lifetime and starting to enjoy life the right way, you may well discover that you'll live longer. It might be a little harder for you to get moving, however, if you've got constant pain in your hoofs... This week, Dr. Mark meets 57-year-old Margaret Conlon. She lives in Rathangan, runs a busy household and juggles two jobs. She has suffered from chronic pain in her feet for the last 7 years which causes her considerable discomfort and stress. She is unable to exercise and copes by comfort eating. Dr Mark Hamilton recommends she starts with a visit to a foot specialist and, after years of looking for a cure to her problems, this one appointment proves to be life changing.