In a 'new series of revisits' *sighs*, Kim and Aggie catch up with some of their favourite filth offenders. Pensioner Pat Crothers' house defied description when Kim and Aggie saved her from disappearing under all the muck and clutter. When the Cleaning Queens left, Pat needed to change the habits of a lifetime if she was to stay on top of things. Now she's asked Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie for some more cleaning advice. Is this a good sign that she's embraced a new way of life or has she slipped back into her old ways? Last time, Kim and Aggie risked life and limb to clamber over the possessions in Pat's small flat. A series of bereavements had left her devastated and, the more she hoarded, the harder it became to clean until, in the end, she simply gave up. Pat hadn't been able to use her bathroom in ten years and the kitchen cupboards still held food from the 1980s. Only once the skip had been emptied three times was there enough room to start cleaning. Kim and Aggie are on their way back with cleaning tips for some doggy mishaps (ew) and the kit to test just how clean Pat's been keeping her home.