In the first episode of the new series, Queens of Clean - Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mackenzie - pay a visit to 44-year-old Glaswegian, Scott. As Scott turns his passion for miniature racing cars into a business, right in the middle of his front room, his cleaning rota has gone right to the back of the grid, leaving his home looking ready for the scrap heap. Scott needs Kim and Aggie's help to debug this bachelor pad, which is bursting with creepy-crawlies; and descale the bathroom, deploying an unexpected abundance of talcum powder - just one of Kim and Aggie's many home made cleaning remedies - as they seek to get the job done. The muck-defying missionaries also head to the streets of Glasgow to give the locals some harsh facts on home hygiene in their roadside surgery. This week's surgery focuses on the grot and grime that lurks in your carpet.