Tonight sees the end of the acclaimed four part series charting the rise and fall of one of the most significant political figures in recent history, Saddam Hussein. It is 2003, and Western coalition forces invade Iraq. Surrounded by loyal bodyguards, Saddam and his family flee to the rural area of Tikrit, and for the first time it seems possible that he may never regain power. As the net closes around him and his sons - Uday, Qusay and Mustafa - are killed, the President is forced to go to ground to evade capture. Another decent enough series which comes to a close tonight is Dangerous Jobs for Girls, which can be seen at 10.00pm on Channel 4. Trainee solicitor and boxer Nasreen Hussain, Royal Navy officer Angie Pearce and PC Geri Savage travel to South Africa to work as professional game hunters. Let's hope there's not as much vomiting as there was last week.