Emetophobes beware: A patient suffering from uncontrollable vomiting is admitted to the hospital, and after making unexpected discoveries about her identity, the team has to delve into her medical history when her condition does not improve. Meanwhile, with Thirteen absent, Chase hires a new member of staff who is made to feel unwelcome, and House has to confront his reservations about his relationship with Cuddy following a visit from his massage therapist. If you've half been keeping track of Love/Hate, the final instalment airs on RTE1 at 9.30pm. Gang war threatens to erupt on Nidge and Trish's wedding day as John Boy and Hughie's new plans take shape, and Darren struggles to keep Mary and the children out of the firing line. With tensions rising, Darren decides it would be better for everyone if he went to London - but Cheekbones McGinty soon realises he cannot leave without bringing the conflict to an end.