Second series of this documentary programme that charts the day to day lives of those working in the NHS. It kicks off tonight with one hell of an opening episode as we pick up with staff at St Mary's Hospital in London on March 22nd, the day of the Westminster terror attack. St Mary's is one of the capital's four Major Trauma Centres, and staff are well-versed in Major Incident Protocols that come into effect in the wake of events such as terrorist activity.

Arrangements are made to transfer some of the hospital's critically ill patients to a sister site at Charring Cross, giving the A&E team more scope to help the victims, including teenagers Yann and Victor; French students in London on a school trip. Also admitted is Stephen, who needs immediate surgery to save his leg, and his wife Cara shares her thoughts on the helplessness felt by the families of those most gravely injured as a result of these incidents. This certainly won't be an easy watch but a valuable insight into how health care professionals respond when faced with a terror attack as well as how those directly affected cope in the aftermath.