Very. But enough about me. The last in the series of Horizon (AKA 'Several Ways YOU'LL Come to Harm - Best Not Leave The House') sees Michael Portillo embark on a thought-provoking journey into the darker side of human nature, discovering what circumstances will drive an ordinary person to commit acts of violence. The former MP meets the people for whom the aggressive desire to inflict pain has become an addiction, and witnesses a re-enactment of the Milgram study, a controversial psychological experiment in which participants were asked to administer seemingly lethal shocks to a test subject. Last in the series. For more 'thought-provoking' viewing, there's The House at 10.10pm on RTE1. First-time director Tanya Doyle reunites her estranged family, which scattered after the departure of her father and the death of her mother, under one roof to reminisce about times spent in the west Dublin property.