Designers Phil Nutley and Jamie Anley want to buck the trend and ban identikit interiors. They believe that our homes should reflect their owners - they should be unique and personal and not something lifted out of an interior design magazine or department store. They have a challenge on their hands with the Browns of Bicester, who live in a house they describe as a shrine of beige. It's a magnolia world where a hint of green is seen as daring and the bedroom colour scheme was dictated by their duvet cover. The Browns feel they need some colour in their lives but struggle with Phil and Jamie's unorthodox methods, which include immersing Nicola Brown in coloured light and raising the couple high up above their rooftop. The Coyle family, meanwhile, live in a beautiful period house just outside Manchester. They loved what the previous owners had done to the house and have tried to completely recreate the look. But the reality is they don't use many of the large but unwelcoming rooms, preferring to huddle together in the cosy snug.