Earlier in the week we were telling you that actor Steve Peacocke had managed to bag himself a film role, pretty much straight off the boat when he got to America. We always knew he was meant for great things! Well actually, we had always hoped he would stay on our TV screens five nights a week forever more, but great things will have to do.

The actor has spoken about his surprise at getting the part in the movie where he will star alongside Tina Fey and Margot Robbie, telling The West Australian; "To land a role this soon was a bit unexpected but I'm looking forward to it," the 33-year- old said.

He went on to say how 'incredibly excited' he was to be starring in the flick which will be called 'Taliban Shuffle' and is based on Kim Barker’s wartime memoir.

"The cast and directors are all people whose work I've admired for a long time." Peacocke said "It's just a wonderful thing to be given an opportunity like this and it makes all those years of theatre, short films, and strenuous jobs seem worth it."

Dammit we will miss Brax, but you can't help be happy for the fecker.