The vacationing version of Wife Swap returns to ITV1 this May with two episodes featuring four more predictably explosive/emotional holidays. Holiday Showdown matches up two very different families with completely opposing ideas of what makes a good holiday and sends them away together for two weeks - you know, so they can eat the heads off each other. The rules are non-negotiable, for each week of the holiday one of the families is in charge in their ideal holiday location. Both families have a challenge - to convince the other of the wonders of their holiday.  There will be stress and conflict aplenty, but also surprising insights discovering what happens when one family's idea of holiday heaven is someone else's holiday swill. The first episode sees consumerism and spirituality collide, when a fun and sun-seeking family who love to party in Magaluf, team up with back-to-basics hippies whose idea of holiday heaven is backpacking around off-the-beaten track India.