Steve and Becky are young, unemployed and lazy. All they want to do is stay in bed, drink, eat and have sex - so they do. They don't want to get a job - so they don't. Here we watch their endless days hanging about Steve's bedsit played out in minute detail, warts-and-all and in real time, as they live happily and ambition-free, milking the state. When friends and parents try and visit they can't get rid of them quickly enough. Upstairs neighbour Dan finds endless reasons to come down, lonely and looking for love, while Becky's sister Laura insists on popping round with her loveably psychotic fiance Paul. All Steve and Becky want is to be left alone. In this first installment, Becky's plans to spend the evening with Steve are scuppered when her sister turns up, panicking because said has fiance has stayed out all night.