With his office blown to pieces, Harry is determined to find out who Gina Hawkes is. He gets his friend and accomplice, Frank Hanna, to break into her doctor's office to access her files. But when Hanna is chased out by armed heavies he realises they are caught up in something far more dangerous than they originally thought. With no new leads, Harry thinks Gina's barrister, Nigel Fountain QC, might be able to unlock the mystery. However, he is unforthcoming, leaving only the imprisoned Stevie Quirke to supply any clues. Harry goes to visit him but what he finds rattles him. In one last desperate bid, Harry tracks Gina to Paris, only to be confronted by a past he thought he had long since left behind. Conspiracy thriller, starring Philip Glenister, David Suchet and Thekla Reuten.