This time his Mission Impossible is to try to transform the food at one rather large cinema chain, Cineworld. His challenge: to inject fun and excitement into the movie experience by overhauling the snacks on offer. Heston believes that a visit to the cinema should be a multisensory experience which tickles smell and taste not just sound and vision. And he wants the food on the cinema menu to reflect the action on screen. But Heston soon realises that with popcorn's enormous mark up, selling cinema snacks is all about *gasps* profit margins rather than quality?! He's determined to change that by using food to put the magic back into movie trips. His first attempts end in disaster - notably the "edible sperm shake" designed to go with a film's sex scene - and fail to win over Cineworld bosses. So me moves on to inside out hotdogs, chewy marshmallow ice-cream, apple smoked candyfloss, and curried popcorn.