It's the final installment of Heston Blumenthal makes a nuisance of himself before devising a hotdog in the throes of a warp spasm or, if you're lucky, a seaweed shepherd's pie... Tonight, Penfold on steroids is joining the navy. I bet he's kicking himself for not holding off on the semen spray... Once aboard the nuclear powered Royal Navy submarine, HMS Turbulent, it's not long before Heston realises he's got a big job on his hands: the men are out on patrol for 90 days at a time, and they're eating three stodgy meals a day. It's not a healthy diet - especially when the submariners' jobs require very high levels of concentration. Heston researches the effects of food on the brain and develops recipes with brain enhancing ingredients - blueberries, mackerel and dark chocolate - but his first food roll-out goes down like a heavy submarine. The usual.