Will Heston's brand of w***ery outshine Jamie Oliver's fun, informative and downright YUMMY tidbits? (the final instalment of Jamie's Family Christmas can be seen at 8.00pm. Tonight, it's snacks and booze). Chef Blumenthal creates a unique festive feast inspired by dishes of the past. However, this is the man who invented snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice-cream - so there will be no dry turkey, mushy sprouts or rock-hard Christmas pudding on his table. Instead, the gastronomic pioneer attempts to create a spectacular menu in which every bite brings a new surprise to the senses. The menu includes an appetiser beloved of King Charles II with a most unusual ingredient - whale vomit - as well as dormouse (the Roman emperors' favourite snack), a venison fit for a medieval king, and an edible Christmas scene complete with flavoured snow. The feast is then served to celebrity diners, who will invariably 'Oooh' and 'Aaaah' on cue (and then in the comfort of their own jacks), including actor Charlie Higson, broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, comedienne Arabella Weir, former rugby player Matt Dawson, actor James Purefoy and journalist Kate Spicer.