With the departure of Carol last week, the six remaining chefs (four boys and two girls so, essentially, the blue team won) are unified into a single team. For their first individual challenge, they are told to 'make a fantastic dish using 14 distinct ingredients.' The winning chef and one other spend a day touring San Francisco, while the remaining chefs are put through the punishment of delivery day. For the evening's service, Chef Ramsay sends the chefs in with high expectations, which they utterly fail to live up to. The usual. One chef is briefly tossed out of the kitchen (we're guessing Ben), while another back-talks Chef Ramsay and then makes a mistake that causes another to endure a serious burn (we'll say Bobby). Following the evening's elimination, Chef Ramsay does some serious deliberating and then calls the chefs into the kitchen at 2:14 a.m. 'for a shocking announcement.'