Be still our beating hearts, but one of the Braxton boys is returning to Summer Bay. The family have been dropping like flies in recent years, with blow-in Kyle Braxton the only one left representing the clan.

However it's emerged that actor Dan Ewing is returning to his role as Heath Braxton for a storyline we should probably see on our telly boxes around Christmas. He's set to come back with his on-screen wife Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley), who put up the first photo of Ewing back on set this week;


Attempting to stay sane on set with this one. Nutter. @_danewing #breathe #namaste #palmbeach #work #luckyone

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The pair both left the soap back in 2014, although they returned for a one-off spinoff episode 'An Eye for an Eye'.

Speaking about the couple's return, Ewing told New Idea recently: "It's been in the works for a while. They came to me with a storyline idea and Lisa and I discussed it, and it was a great, fun opportunity."

Now I wonder can they convince Brax to come back...