Yep, it's just that kind of night. Directed by Jenny Popplewell, this First Cut documentary follows the Rattrays, a big family with a difference: all but two of them are rats. For many people, the term rat conjures up disease or vermin, images that inspire horror, disgust and fear. But some people feel very differently about these furry rodents. Kate and Kevin Rattray are members of the Yorkshire Rat Club and are keen enthusiasts. Their brood began with two rats in 2006 and has grown to 27. Having never had the maternal instinct for children, Kate and Kevin describe themselves as a 'weird couple, with no kids but lots of rats' and being a parent to so many furry critters can be an emotional rollercoaster. From losing a beloved member of the family to throwing birthday parties and the elation of gaining a new baby rat, this is a portrait of a very different couple, who in many ways are 'exactly the same as any loving parents