International Superchef Conrad Gallagher, the youngest chef to ever win a Michelin star, joins Tv3 in this heated brand which gives 8 kitchen hopefuls the chance of a lifetime to become Ireland's Head Chef. After hundreds applied, Conrad has taken just 16 finalists to his kitchen masterclass at the Athlone It School of Culinary Arts. The kitchen heats up when one of our more experienced chefs is sent home early and food is returned uneaten. Tonight the kitchen challenges include fresh Dover Sole and a classic French Coq au Vin dish. Tears fall and temperatures rise as only half of our finalists survive their first gruelling day. Only 8 can continue on their journey and only one will win the 10,000 euro prize, a job in one of Conrad's restaurants and be crowned Ireland's next Head Chef. Yep, it's that original.