This highlight comes under the guise of TV Burp, but really it's a ruse for Demons (7.40pm). We just didn't want to be seen recommending it three weeks in a row. It shows a lack of imagination on our (but mainly the schedulers') behalf. After Harry Hill's compilation episode, with highlights from previous series, including appearances by Billie Piper, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Mr. Blobby, episode three of Demons. Demons sees Galvin let his emotions get the better of him when his wife's murderer, Mr Tibbs, arrives in town. Hell bent on revenge and with no regard for his own safety, Galvin arms himself to the hilt and embarks on what amounts to little more than a suicide mission, attempting to break into the hideous rat mans lair alone to exact his much dreamt of retribution. He might have saved the girl, but Galvin isn’t satisfied, thirsty for vengeance, he won't rest until Mr Tibbs is dead. He and Luke head off to the sewers to find the rat man leaving Mina and Grace safe in the Stacks.