Our Elaine Cassidy's after getting herself another series, and this one's set Stateside. It centers on a small group of family and friends who gather on a secluded island to attend a weeklong wedding celebration. But the island's history, as the location of a mass killing, threatens the joyous event and sets the stage for a new mystery. Abby Mills (played by Ms. Cassidy), still haunted by the vivid and persistent nightmares of her mother's murder, journeys home to Harper's Island for the first time since the horrific event to celebrate the marriage of her childhood best friend Henry Dunn to Trish Wellington, a beautiful, innocent and wealthy heiress. Neither the happy couple nor the wedding guests have any idea that returning to Harper's Island will trigger terror and death to be added to the nuptial festivities. Hurrah! With a different character killed off each week, the producers promise to reveal the killer at the end of the 13 weeks. Said producers also promise they'll "push the boundaries of traditional television with frightening, tense and sexually provocative drama that will keep audiences riveted." Or it could be a large pile of over dramatised, far fetched sh*te - but the promise of provocative nookie will probably have us all watching.