Griff Rhys Jones is hot property all of a sudden... Who died and made him the presenter of everything? He was 'Loosing It' over on BBC only a week ago and has taken over from Dennis Nordon on It'll be Alright on The Night. Now UTV want to see him take in some super cities in three episodes. That means three cities. It predictably kicks off with New York, so which two cities will be tackled in the coming weeks? Rome? Tokyo? Paris? Yep, Paris is there, but programme producers have deemed London 'greater' than Tokyo or the start of civilisation. But back to tonight; Griff gets his hands dirty with the Sanitation Department, cleans the windows of a skyscraper and goes backstage at a Broadway production. Among his other ports of call are Grand Central Station, the Morgan Stanley children's hospital to meet a new arrival, and a factory founded more than 150 years ago that employs 450 people to make exactly the same thing that it first manufactured in 1853 - Steinway pianos. Great.