Did anyone else watch this last week with more than a hint of bewilderment? Jones just kept turning up to different places of work in New York to, it would appear, take over for a spell. From making humongous breakfasts, emptying bins, invading George Clooney's recently vacated hotel room and a halfway house - the narrative was nonexistent. The cinematography, however, was aces. In the second of this three-parter, ITV splashed out by sending him, not to Tokyo or Hong Kong, but on a whistle-stop tour of London. He visits such tourist attractions as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, together with lesser-known locales - notably the macabre Necropolis Railway in Westminster Road. Other ports of call include Sotheby's, St Paul's Cathedral, Burlington Arcade and the city's financial district - along with a late-night boxing club where brokers can work off their aggression in the ring.