After last week's glorified workshop/barn conversion, Kevin McCloud meets estate manager Ed Waghorn and his wife Rowena, a couple living an almost self-sufficient life with their four children on a smallholding in Herefordshire, AKA more people who don't live in the world as you know it. Four years ago, Ed set out to build a five-bedroom home for his family almost single-handedly, on a tiny budget of just over £80,000, scraped together from their savings. Using recycled materials that no one else wanted, wood from the nearby forests and stone from around the site, Ed starts work on the house, the plans for which exist mostly in his head. Gradually, he begins to sculpt an organic, hobbit-style, timber-framed, curvy house on the hillside. But Ed and Rowena live in, yes, a different world to the rest of us, where time moves more slowly and deadlines don't matter.