Six years ago, Kevin watched with horror as Denise and Bruno Del Tufo set about transforming a concrete water tower in their back garden into an avant-garde contemporary home. It might have been designed by Edwin Lutyens but Kevin described it as an ugly brute of a building. Still, Bruno and Denise loved it so they sold their picturesque Victorian gamekeeper's cottage and moved to a pair of caravans: one for them and one for their five dogs. The plan was to convert the tower into a palace of steel, zinc and glass and have enough cash left over to allow Bruno to take early retirement. When the price of steel suddenly rose, the project quickly swallowed up their optimistic £250,000 budget and Bruno's retirement plans began to look a bit shaky. Now, Kevin returns to see how life in the tower suits Bruno and Denise. The final instalment of Fresh Meat follows at 10.00pm, and see s JP faces a dilemma of epic proportions when he helps Ralph organise a party.