Final instalment of the series - which was really a load of repeats, but we like Kevin so we won't focus on that too much. There aren't many people who would take on the role of project managing an ambitious, minimalist eco build with little previous experience. But three years ago, Mimi da Costa did just that, giving herself a deadline of only 16 weeks and leaving her husband Andre to juggle work and the kids. Andre and Mimi wanted to give their growing family a sustainable and healthy home in the heart of the Kent countryside. The design of their giant two-storey timber house, heated by state-of-the-art glass panels, looked simple enough and aimed to blend effortlessly into the neighbouring woodlands. But the devil was in the detail, and Mimi soon found herself surrounded by a dizzying number of sub-contractors and a very complex build that threatened to drag on for months. Kevin returns (see?) to find out what happened next.