Hmmmmm. I wonder who'll win the challenge this, the final, week. Will it be the high end designers with their limitless budgets? Or will it be little ole Gok with his tweaked highstreet creations like it is every week? Sniping and stating the obvious aside; this has been a very informative and entertaining programme - especially if you're a dab hand with a sewing. The closing installment sees Gok select the best trends from this coming autumn/ winter. Fellow brummie, songstress and mum Jamelia catches up with Gok in her hometown of Birmingham for a spot of retail therapy and to talk designer shoes, while Gok checks out her show-stopping frocks in this week's Dirty Laundry. And after seven weeks touring the country in search of a style icon, Gok's road trip comes to an end with the grand finale. Eight finalists, each with very different, individual looks battle it out to be crowned Street Style Icon of the Year. Oh, has anyone seen Alexa Chung?