Cilla's gorra lorrah Gok in her wardrobe tonight, chuckh! The swiftly disappearing (hasn't he got wildly skinny?) stylist also sets his spectacles on tomboy Tracey, a 43-year-old biker, who has a wardrobe of 190 items that are so similar she manages to look the same every day of the week. Gok surprises her with a wardrobe detox on the seafront at Seaford and a lesson in how to buy less, but wear more, before creating her dream wardrobe. The larger-than-life Rotherham road-testers line up for line dancing during their search for perfectly fitting boots for curvy calves. And can designer diva Brix Smith-Start (AKA total pain in the) snatch a victory from Gok in the fourth week of the fashion face-off? She needs to win this week to keep the proceedings level. Following at 9.00pm is the second part of Born to Be Different: Turning Nine.